Food Chase

Food Supply-Chain Ecosystems for Sustainability

Welcome to Food Chase project, where we’re committed to reducing food loss and waste throughout the supply chain. Our consortium collaborates to develop innovative approaches and skills to enhance sustainability in the food industry.

About us

Expected Impact

The Food Chase project anticipates a multi-level impact across the agri-food sector. Partner organizations will integrate project methodologies and outputs into regular activities, fostering collaboration with diverse actors. Ultimately, the project will drive structural changes, introduce innovations in education and business systems, stimulate new paths, and support improvements in agri-food businesses.

Our goals

How We're Advancing Sustainable Food Practices

Introducing innovative approaches is key to our mission of advancing sustainable food practices.

Here’s how we’re making it happen

Establishing Food Supply-Chain Ecosystems for Sustainability

Our initiative establishes collaborative networks to innovate food supply chain training, enhancing EU-level recognition and certification

Developing the Food Chase Competence Framework

The FoodChaseComp standardizes food loss reduction efforts, guiding curriculum development and upskilling for the food industry workforce

Introducing the From Farm To Fork Strategist Curriculum

Our specialized curriculum creates the From Farm-To-Fork Specialist role, revolutionizing educational systems and offering new job opportunities

About us

Our Target Groups


Develop skills and knowledge for sustainable food practices.

SMEs and Companies in the Food Supply Chain

Enhance sustainability practices in the food supply chain.

VET Providers

Integrate sustainable food practices into education and training programs.

Stakeholders in the Agri-Food Sector

Collaborate for a sustainable future.


Project Partners